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Satisfying roles in a relationship

An interview with Joanna Dulińska, psychologist, psychotherapist and supervisor at the Process Oriented Psychology Institute (Instytut Psychologii Procesu).

A conversation about what roles are needed in a relationship, how to make changes in a relationship, why people cheat on each other, and many, many other important issues. more ›

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Sex – under the surface

Our sex lives are a reflection of cultural and societal images, of the “chemistry” and feelings which bring (or don’t bring) a couple together, of our ways of communicating, and individual desires and prejudices. They confront outer patterns with our innermost ones, those governed by primitive and often entirely unconscious forces. more ›

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Couples who are smitten with each other, again

Do you remember the special time when you first got together? What was it that captivated you? What were you like?

a kiss.

A few years later it’s sometimes hard to remember that you’re still the same people… more ›

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Your place

Arnold Mindell (the founder of process psychology) emphasizes that it’s no coincidence when we feel particularly good in certain places. The energy of these places is in harmony with the deepest parts of ourselves.

The same applies to couples. When you are having a difficult time, go to a place which has special memories for you (even if you go in your imagination!) Allow the atmosphere of that place to remind you that you have much more that brings you together than unpaid bills and unwashed socks…

Besides a building
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Communication in relationship

When you are close enough to somebody, you influence them. And they influence you. This might be through touch, voice, gestures, thoughts or feelings. To a large extent, this kind of communication takes place without the participants’ awareness, unconsciously. more ›

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